Glitz & Glam 70’s Weekend 2020

From 23 until 25 May 2020 every track you hear from 12pm to 12am will be from the 1970's.  Our presenters look forward to welcoming you.  Below is the weekend schedule where our presenters will be bringing you special 1970's versions of their shows and the years they will be featuring.

Saturday 23 May

00:0007:00DJ AutoThe Music Shuffle
07:0009:00Steve FlynnRetro Chart Show
09:0012:00Chris TuckerBreakfast with TUC
12:0014:00Pete the Producer70's That's Entertainment1970 & 1979
14:0016:00DazzleSummer Sizzlers Take Over1976 & 1977
16:0018:00Colin King100% Saturday1971 & 1973
18:0020:00LindaSaturday Music Mix1970 & 1972
20:0022:00BabsPick n Mix1978
22:0000:00LanceGolden Decades1974 & 1975

Sunday 24 May

00:0002:00Mike BolleaJuke Box Party
02:0005:00Big BobMemory Lane
05:0008:00DJ AutoThe Music Shuffle
08:0009:00John FarmeryThe 70's Show1970's
090011:00Chris TuckerBreakfast with TUC
11:0014:00Tom Kelly70's Hot n Spicy1976
14:0016:00DazzleSunday Classics1975 & 1979
16:0018:00DJ MikeSunday Afternoon Classics1973 & 1978
18:0020:00WMChrisMusic Mix1974 & 1971
20:0022:00Mal Williams5 of a Kind1977 & 1972
22:0000:00Lazy BeeChillout Zone

Monday 25 May

00:0001:00LazyBeeChillout Zone
01:0007:00DJ AutoThe Music Shuffle
07:0009:00Mal / DaveXLR Breakfast Club
09:0011:00Dave MacRetro Chart Show
11:0013:00DJ MikeMunch Bunch1970 & 1973
13:0016:00DazzleGlitz Mix1971 & 1974
16:0018:00Mal WilliamsMusic Zone1972 & 1975
18:0020:00Mazza n RoySay You Say Me1976 & 1979
20:0022:00Darren WilliamsMusic Then & Now1977 & 1978
22:0000:00Colin KingHappy Radio1970's