Barrie Collins

Hi, My Name is Barrie Collins (Baz) to my friends, my love of music really started in the good old 60’s when I was the road manager for a local pop band, (road manager was the posh title for the guy that drove the van and help set up the equipment)

When the band broke up I went on to run my own mobile disco for many years and found myself presenting shows on local Radio and Hospital Radio.

My tastes in music are wide really, I like all types of music but my favourite would have to be Country and Soul music,

Hobbies, home life of course, and gardening, and when I do get time I like to paint landscapes in oil, I lived for a while in The Canadian Rockies and this reflects in my paintings, and music, ok it’s getting boring now so I’m done.

All the very best to you all, and keep listening.


Keep it country.