Steve Ryan

‘Steve Snip’
I have been involved in the entertainment industry since becoming a Blue Coat way back in 1975, which was probably the best training ground anyone could have in this industry. I was the DJ in the cabaret lounge working with some of the greats in UK entertainment. I went and turned down a job interview with Radio 1; I went to work in Sardinia Pontinental instead! Steve Wright started shortly afterwards….. Who knows what might have been??
I have worked all over Europe and on Cruise ships. Whilst I was in Corfu I joined Life FM radio as an afternoon presenter, were I discovered my flair for telling the worst jokes in the World.
Whilst being the entertainments manager at a group of hotels in Cyprus, I used to present a poolside radio show. I eventually wound up out in the South East of Spain, were on my second day here I managed to get a spot on a local radio station. This turned into my own afternoon show Monday to Friday 1pm till 4.15pm.  Over the seven and a half years there I did manage to build up a great following with my own wacky brand of humour and music. Since then I have been involved with a local group organizing entertainment nights, fundraisers, trips & cruises. I have also been fortunate to entertain and DJ on a variety of cruise ships.
I look forward to entertaining you on XLR Radio. I am open to requests and always ready to receive the odd joke or two (But keep them clean, this is a family show!). Regards ‘Steve Snip’   ‘The Steve Snip Show’