Colin King

I started in the DJing world in the early 70’s working as a resident MECCA DJ
I worked at all the major clubs in the North West including the famous WIGAN CASINO and opened Wigan Tiffany’s with Emperor Rosko.
I have worked for Piccadilly Radio on outside broadcasts and worked with the major DJ’s of the era including DLT, Noel Edmunds, Emperor Rosko and Andy Peebles.
I have also worked for Stringfellow at the Manchester club when it opened
Worked on internet radio for some years with various stations although SOUL is a passion I love and play many types of music for all.
As well as being a DJ I am an actor, who has done several films with lead roles in a few small films and as an extra in film and T.V.
I Coach American Football and been involved at the top of the game for 35 years .I am taking a short break from radio while we move house and hope to return to the airways very soon

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