DJ Mike

I started my Radio Interest on the 15.10.1985 at my local Hospital Radio. (CHR.. Chichester Hospital Radio) I carried on right through to 1994 and then went back after having to pack up work in Feb 2000.
From there on i found a real enjoyment in playing a wide selection of Music to other people, and working with a lot of Technical equipment as i do see myself as a Gadget Fan. While still doing my shows at my local Hospital Radio i then joined QA Hospital Radio in Portsmouth.
In the Summer of 2006 i found an Internet station in Westbourne (QBR QuailtyBeatsRadio) and left CHR to do more there. Sadly in 2009 the QBR station closed so i then re-joined CHR and enjoyed doing shows at both of those hospital radio station.
Then i met, and got on very well with a Guy from Kent, who told me about two guys in Havant running there own Internet Radio Station.. I became one of there team and did shows on Monday’s and Thursday Mornings from 11.00-2pm.
As that sadly went, i was given the chance to join XLR Radio, and did my First show on the 31st May 20018.
Now doing Mondays 11am–1.00pm and Thursdays 10am-12.00pm. A show called the Munch Brunch where i play music from the 60’s 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s…. There’s a Quiz section ,the Munch Brunch and even a Comedy slot..
So tune in to XLR Radio and let DJ Mike Squezzzze in all those Golden Oldies and Classic tracks.

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